New Single - A Safe Place
al bongo
New Single - A Safe Place
About Al Bongo

Al Bongo, otherwise known as Sven Schindler, is a passionate deep house and melodic techno producer. His mission is to bring listeners on a melodic journey, evoking quiet yet thoughtful feelings within.

Exposed to music at the age of six by his grandfather, Sven was enrolled in a local music school in Germany to study piano. After giving his teachers a hard time, Sven's passions cooled as life took him in a different direction. It wasn't until years later that his passion for piano and writing melodies would be rekindled in his new home, Sydney, Australia.

Sven joked when music production came up while at a Sydney pub with mates. He'd go home to sleep, blissfully unaware of the seed that had been planted. In just a few short years, that seed had taken root and evolved into an addiction to music production, a love for synthesisers, and an ever-growing set of deep melodic house tracks.

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